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multiple sclerosis
Welcome to MS Chat, a site dedicated to people with MS.

Feel free to browse around, there's lots to see and lots of information that will help you understand what is happening to you.

Why not register on the Forum where you can post comments, ask questions, have a moan and groan if you like but also, most importantly have some fun.

As well as the Forum we also have a Chatroom, come and register to natter to fellow MSers.
"Through every trial and moment of pain, we stand   together to help one another.

Sometimes the hand of a stranger comes along and lifts up our hearts.

Our responsibility is to continue that selfless act of love and pass on the comfort."
PLEASE NOTE... I am not a qualified doctor or medical practitioner.   What you read on this site is either written by me or another MS sufferer.   We are not able to give proper medical advice.   Proper MS advice should be given by a trained GP or MS specialist.   MSCHAT will not be held responsible by any individual who uses this guidance incorrectly.
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"mschat is a unique Multiple Sclerosis website.   Designed for people with MS, we bring people closer together...our exclusive chatroom unites friends from all over the WORLD".
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